Courtyard and Pool


View of left side of courtyard

View of right side of courtyard

View of courtyard from great room

Roof and tile detail in courtyard

Example of screens and doors which lead to courtyard

Courtyard fixture


View of courtyard area from pool

Pool bath pullman

Pool bath shower

Fountain was replaced with firepit, took out large planter that was off-center in courtyard, redid pool. Courtyard tiles were fixed and refinished.

Trim was repainted, because the trim on the house was not the original trim color. Mrs. Youngblood said it was originally a dark brown, but we couldn't find a dark brown that would now transition from in and out of the refinished beams in the great room. So instead we chose a gray color that almost looks brown from a distance. And the transition of the beams from inside to outside makes sense.


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