A Cliff May designed rectangular-shaped single story stucco over adobe dwelling and red tile gabled roof with wide beamed overhangs, includes a garage attached by a roofed breezeway. The main entrance to the living area is through a massive wooden door. The interior rooms all open to a large saltillo-tiled central courtyard which includes a swimming pool. Large Doric columns support the patio roof and add beauty. Numerous sliding glass and french doors link the living space with the outdoors. Wrought iron fixtures and window grilles contribute to the Spanish style. A number of stucco chimneys, some with clay pots affixed, a May trademark, emerge from the roof top. Simplicity mixed with the horizontal building lines enables this home to blend harmoniously with its environment.

* Taken from State of California Primary Record, Rancho Santa Fe Historic Building Survey January 1999

Views of the House